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Fishing in the Pantanal

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Sport fishing or recreational fishing is fishing that is practiced as a leisure activity, without the fisherman's livelihood depending on it, it can also be called leisure fishing or amateur fishing. One of the most popular modalities of sport fishing is practiced using only fishing rod, fishing line and hook. Sport fishing is practiced in the sea, rivers and lakes using natural baits or artificial baits with reels or reels.


Recreational fishing is among the most widespread social integration and leisure activities in the world, being a practice that promotes family union or groups of friends. It is often the main motivation for a tourist trip. Despite being little explored in Brazil, the potential of this activity is great, considering mainly the great diversity of native species suitable for this type of fishing, the large coastal extension and hydrographic network, when compared to North America, which currently generates an enormous result with fishing tourism. Sport fishing is an eco-friendly evolution of recreational fishing, but. There is still much to be done in this area.

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Tralha de Pesca

Objetivo é definir um equipamento que permita pescar no pantanal a maior variedade de espécies, mudando apenas o material de ponta (chumbada, girador, grampo, empate e anzol).


Barbado: Vara de ação média, para linha 0,35 a 0,50 mm, anzol 4/0 a 7/0.

Cachara: Vara média/pesada, linha 0,40 a 0,60, anzol 5/0 a 8/0

Cachorra: Vara de ação média, linha 0,30 a 0,45, anzol 4/0 a 6/0

Dourado: Vara média/pesada, linha 0,35 a 0,50, anzol 4/0 a 6/0

Pacu: Vara média/pesada, linha 0,35 a 0,50, anzol 3/0 a 6/0

Piauçu: Vara de ação média, linha 0,30 a 0,40, anzol 2/0 a 5/0

Pintado: Vara média/pesada, linha 0,40 a 0,70, anzol 5/0 a 8/0


80 chumbadas oliva, com pesos variados, incluindo 30 e 60 g;

Giradores (distorcedores) com resistência aproximada de 12 Kg . (Nº 3 ou 4);

Grampos (presilhas) de tamanho proporcional aos giradores;

60 Anzóis encastoados em aço (dez tam. 2/0, vinte 5/0, vinte 6/0 e dez 7/0);

Levar três varas de pesca, tamanhos variando entre 1,80 m a 2,10 m , sendo uma de ação média e duas de ação média-pesada;

Três carretilhas (ou molinetes) de tamanho médio, que comportem pelo menos 100 metros de linha 0,35 a 0,60 mm, já enchidos com as linhas.

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