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Typical Pantanal cuisine

The Pantanal gastronomy has in its menu the use of fish in the menu, due to the abundance of the same in the rivers of the region, among them we can highlight the Pacu, Peraputanga, Dourado, Pintado and the Piranha, which are served in different ways as fried, stewed, roast and escabechado (fried and stewed). In drinks, Canjinjin, from the municipality of Vila Bela da Santíssima Trindade, and grated guarana stand out. In general, whether in savory meals, in drinks, or in sweets, Pantanal cuisine will always be with an extra spice, the culture.

Typical Cerrado cuisine

The cuisine of the cities located in the savanna of Mato Grosso is a tasty mix between the fruits of the region (pequi, banana, cashew and papaya) with the fish of the rivers of the region, where the fish with scales: pacu and peraputanga, and the leather fish known as painted. In drinks, juices from fruits from the cerrado and tereré stand out. In the sweets, rice cake and pixé, as well as other delicacies that have a characteristic flavor, with a delicious pinch of culture and symbolism, are worth mentioning.


Typical food from our region

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